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Phospho Antibody Production
Advanced Biomart offers high quality customizable phosphorylation-specific monoclonal and polyclonal antibody services using our proprietary platform. The high specificity and high sensitivity of our protein phosphorylation-specific antibodies is made possible by technological innovations including our advanced antigen design tool, proprietary immunization adjuvant, optimized specificity screening and antibody purification.

 Phospho-specific antibodies are generated using peptides containing one or more phosphorylated amino acids. There are three residues which can be phosphorylated: Serine (S),Threonine(T) and Tyrosine(Y). Clients provide information about the desired phospho residue and its flanking sequence, then Advanced Biomart will design the phospho-peptide. Two peptides will be synthesized, a phospho-peptide and a non-phospho-peptide. We run an extensive series of ELISA assays on the production bleeds and on the affinity purified antibodies to ensure that antibodies are specific to the phosphorylated peptide and show no activity against the non-phosphorylated peptide.

Key Features of Phospho Antibody Services:
  • High specificity & high sensitivity
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Guaranteed results
  • Cost effective

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Phospho Antibody Production

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