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   Stable Cell Line Development Services
Stable cell lines are used in a variety of research applications such as recombinant protein and antibody production, assay development, gene editing, functional studies and more. Advanced Biomart's stable cell line service covers all your needs in the aspects of protein/antibody production, and assay development. Not only have we developed cell lines stable at expression level, but also established stable cell lines ready for assay development. Furthermore, our proprietary stable cell line platform guarantees over-expressing of gene of interest in any cell hosts.
At Advanced Biomart, we offer comprehensive stable cell line development capabilities that either begin with DNA provided by our clients or that are powered by our fast, high efficiency gene synthesis service that seamlessly integrates all steps of stable cell line generation, delivering high quality stable clones of your choice. Boost your productivity and improve your results by leveraging our top quality stable cell line services.
Service Includes:
  • Recombinant Protein Production Grade Stable Cell Lines
  • Assay Grade Stable Cell Lines
  • Gene Edited, Knock-in and Knock-out Custom Cell Lines
Key Features:
  • Stability: Advanced Biomart has developed a system that makes the cell lines more stable.
  • High Expression
  • Fast Delivery: High productivity stable clone approximately in 12 weeks.
  • Cost Effective
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